Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What Is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans’ actions interacting with digital systems and software. Just like people, software robots can do things like understand what’s on a screen, complete the right keystrokes, navigate systems, identify and extract data, and perform a wide range of defined actions. However, software robots can do it faster and more consistently than people, without the need to get up and stretch or take a coffee break.

Which Processes Need Automation?

  1. Highly manual and repetitive process.
  2. High volume process.
  3. Process with standard format and readable input types.
  4. Mature and stable process.
  5. Rule based process.
  6. Flexible processing method.
  7. Operational efficiency potential.
  8. Low exception rate.

5 Automation-Friendly Environments


  • Process-to-pay
  • Order-to-Cash
  • Record-to-Report

Supplay Chain

  • Inventory Management
  • Demand & Supply
  • Planning


  • Server & App Monitoring
  • Routine Maintenance & Monitoring


  • Payroll
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Benefits Administration

Customer Service

  • Address Change
  • Password Reset
  • Payment

8 Benefits of RPA for Your Business

Accelerated transformation

Among global executives, 63% say RPA is major component in digital transformation

Major Cost Savings

RPA drives rapid, significant improvement to business metrics across industries and around the world

Greater Resilience

RPA robots can ramp up quickly to match workload peaks and respond to big demans spikes

Higher Accuracy

57% say RPA reduces manual errors

Improved compliance

92% agree RPA has ‘met or exceeded expectations’ for better compliance

Boosted Productivity

68% of global worker believe automation will make the more productive

More Value from Personnel

60% of executive agree RPA enables people to focus on more strategic work

Happier Employees

57% of executive say RPA increases employee engagement

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