Tencent Cloud Media Services (video-on-demand)

Tencent Cloud provides a one-stop video solution covering video-on-demand, live streaming, real-time video calls, short videos and more, covering many scenarios such as online videos, live sales, live gaming, and e-learning

Tencent Cloud Ranks As The No. 1 Cloud Services Provider In Media Services Market, According To Frost & Sullivan.


The Ultimate Choice of Cloud Service and Cloud Platform

Tencent Cloud offers reliable, low-cost, and simple-to-deploy cloud services and cloud platforms that are also secure and high-performing. In addition to achieving data center security certifications such as Uptime Institute Tier III – Design & Facility, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and SNI, Tencent Cloud has also earned a wide variety of many other industry standards. 

Tencent, with its global expertise as a supplier of digital infrastructure services, collaborates with Helios Informatika Nusantara (HIN) as a local partner to deliver data center and cloud services in Indonesia.

Helios’ Tencent Cloud solution is designed to assist expedite your business’s digital transformation. 

Now is the moment to conquer all of your IT infrastructure challenges with a range of Tencent cloud services and cloud platforms from Helios! Helios will help you with every step of your cloud journey, from consulting to implementation and after-sales support, to eliminate trial and error. 

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Tencent Cloud Services Advantages

Experience the Best Cloud Computing Solutions from Tencent and enjoy your cloud operational cost efficiency with Helios Cloud. 

Compute and Container

Secure, reliable, and adaptable cloud computing services, ready to meet your IT needs. 

Networking and CDN

Build a powerful network with tools like VPNs, load balancers, bandwidth control, and virtual private clouds. 

Microservice and Serverless

Create a serverless microservices environment that is secure, reliable and scalable. 

Artificial Intelligence

Construct smart interactions using AI-powered analytical tools and biometric facial recognition technology. 

Cloud Storage

Incorporate cloud technologies for data storage, processing, and migration to meet growing data volume demands. 

Video Services

Incorporate Tencent Real-Time Communication and media streaming services for a more immersive business experience. 


Manage business data with a product package that includes Relational Database, Enterprise Distributed DBMS, NoSQL Database, and Database SaaS Tool. 

Big Data

Handle big data demands with data analysis solutions like Cloud Data Warehouse, Elastic Map Reduce, Data Lake Compute, and many more. 

Why Tencent Over Other Cloud Service Providers?

300+ cloud product portfolio (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)

service suite of ready-to-use AI features

Extensive global and local presence

Complete instances configuration

Trusted by leading companies globally

Why Helios?

Helios Cloud as Tencent Cloud Consulting Partner, ready to help your business journey be more seamless and flexible in using the cloud. 

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Hybrid Cloud

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Compute Elasticity
(end-to-end infrastructure)

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